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SeaOrbiter to begin construction this October.

The SeaOrbiter is part submarine, part research vessel and has been in the planning stages for 12 years. Now construction of the US$43 million vessel is scheduled to begin in October, and could be on the seas by late 2013.

The vessel will be 58 metres high, with 50% of it underwater, allowing scientists constant access to underwater study.

Designed to drift with ocean currents, the vessel will generate the majority of its power for life-support systems and propulsion to avoid other ships and storms from renewable energy, including solar, wind and wave power, Fuchs says. A side project is underway in conjunction with EADS, the European defense and space systems conglomerate, to develop a biofuel as the ship’s main power source.


…frost flowers, a strange phenomenon where frost grows from imperfections in the surface ice amid extreme sub-zero temperatures…forming spiky structures that have been found to house microorganisms. In fact, the bacteria found in the frost flowers is much more dense than in the frozen water below it, meaning each flower is essentially a temporary ecosystem, not unlike a coral reef…



Friend: “Why do you like Vegeta so much?

He always loses,

He’s weak.”

Me: “Maybe because I realize that strength

Isn’t about always winning.

That his greatest battle wasn’t the enemies he faced;

Or even his rivalry against Goku.

His greatest battle was against himself.

Overcoming what he was raised to be,

To become the hero he had to be.

And because he won that battle.

That’s why I will always love Vegeta.”

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